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CALYPSO is an ONR Departmental Research Initiative that addresses the challenge of observing, understanding and predicting the three-dimensional pathways by which water from the surface ocean makes its way into the deeper ocean. Here, we describe the CALYPSO research projects that have a dominant modeling research component.

4D-LANES: Four-Dimensional Lagrangian Analysis, Numerics, and Estimation Systems

MSEAS Research Group - MIT
Pierre Lermusiaux, Manan Doshi, Patrick Haley, Chris Mirabito

High resolution real-time, hindcast, and reanalysis modelling of vertical velocities and 3D pathways at Alboran Fronts

Baptiste Mourre, Maximo Garcia-Jove, Jaime Hernandez-Lasheras, Alex Santana, Eugenio Cutolo, Nikolaos Zarakanellos, John Allen, Joaquín Tintoré

Coherent Lagrangian Pathways in 3D+1 Submesoscale Transport in CALYPSO

University of Delaware
Helga Huntley and Denny Kirwan

Theory, modeling and observations of 3D transport processes in flows with fronts

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Larry Pratt and Irina Rypina

Frontogenesis and Subduction at the Alboran Fronts

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Amala Mahadevan, Mara Freilich, Mathieu Dever