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Science meetings

We meet for a science meeting at 6:15 every day.


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Water sampling

The water sampling lab was busy processing the sea water samples for phytoplankton, nutrients and oxygen.

-AM & MF

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First CTD cast

Mathieu watching the CTD as it is lowered. Eva and Andrea in the lab – discussing protocol as they wait for the CTD.

Upcoming cruise : Pourquoi Pas? and SOCIB

We are excited to start our upcoming CALYPSO cruise in the Western Mediterranean on March 26, 2019. We will be using 2 research vessels, the French ship, the Pourquoi Pas? and the Spanish research catamaran, Socib.


These 8 gliders, consisting of 6 Spray and 2 Slocum gliders, will be deployed from the Research Catamaran SOCIB. They will measure salinity, temperature and bio-optical properties in the Western Mediterranean as they dive to several hundred meters and resurface.